the skinny on wedding monograms


Curious about wedding monograms and how to use them?  We like to call them wedding logos!  Oh yes, we love branding weddings and it all starts with your wedding monogram.  It’s the easiest way to tie your paper goods together, and what better way to start than with a custom crest?  You can use them on virtually anything, from your return address and menu cards, to your invitation itself and to your aisle runner.  We’ve had clients turn them into decals for their wedding floors, used on wedding welcome tote bags,  have their baker pipe their monogram onto their cake, and my all time favorite?  ON COOKIES.

Wedding Monogram Belly Band Tag | Blush Paper Co.

Custom Wedding Monogram Wax Seal | Blush Paper Co.

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Old school etiquette says that you should save your new last name monogram until after you’ve been married.  Most of our brides opt to use their first initials, but we’ve been known to break a few rules.  Shh!
  • Simple monograms looks amazing on wax seals.  You can use both of your first two initials (“M+A”) or new newly shared last name initial.  We can incorporate a design element from your stationery, too, like a rose, laurel wreath or other decorative element to tie it all together.
  • Consider why you’re using a wedding monogram, then elaborate on that.  Getting married outside?  Awesome, let’s incorporate flowers.  Having a modern minimalist wedding?  Sounds great, maybe we should stick with just your initials and no other elaborate details.  Carry your personalities into your crest and don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it!


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