keeping it classic: 5 tips for classic wedding invitations

For years, we saw many non-traditional wedding elements:  first looks, no bouquet tosses, omitting parents names from invitations and even omitting last names from formal invitations as well.  Casual was the name of the game, and it was so much fun to design for — but today it’s all about tradition, and classic, timeless design.  While I’m still seeing colorful elements, I’m noticing more and more that my brides are opting to keep their bold colors limited to their envelopes and liners and not on the invitation itself!

When it comes to stationery, we’re seeing many of our couples choose a classic and traditional feel when choosing their wording, fonts and color combinations.  We are also seeing more couples choose to incorporate outer envelopes and hiring calligraphers.  We’re loving it!

Classic Wedding Invitations | Blush Paper Co.


Here are the biggest trends we’ve seen, and tips we’ve been passing along to help our brides keep that classic invitation feel:

1. Start with your parents. 
It’s becoming more and more common to incorporate parents names on the formal wedding invitation.  Traditionally, whoever is paying does the actual inviting:  so if you’ve actually paying for the wedding yourselves it’s perfectly acceptable to omit your parents names from the formal invitation!  Otherwise, you’ll want to include the your parents full names on your invitation.  For more wording tips, we have an entire wording guide!

2. Spell out dates and numbers.
Never use an ampersand, and always spell out dates and times.

3. Use your maiden name on your return address.
This is both traditional and symbolic.  Many couples live together before the big day, and opt to include only their first names on their return address, or include both their first and their last names.  To keep with tradition, use your first name and maiden name on the return address.  It’s one of the last times you’ll see your maiden name in print, too!

4. Use a formal reply card.
It’s standard for Blush Paper Co. for use formal reply cards, but sometimes we have brides who want to do something a bit different.  Formally, you’ll want to include an “M” on your reply card.  The “M” stands for Mr., Mrs. and Ms., which prompts your guests to write out their full names.

5. Use inner and outer envelopes.
Not every couple opts to do this, but outer envelopes are available from Blush Paper Co.  They’re traditional, and allow you to formally address the outer envelope while informally addressing the inner envelope — also allowing you to be very specific about who is invited to your wedding!


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