new monogrammed tote bags and cosmetic cases!

I’m excited to be introducing new products into the Blush Paper Co. lifestyle shop!  We’ve had totes and cosmetic cases for awhile now, but we’ve given them a little facelift and think you’ll be head over heel’s for the new look and options.     Our bags make the perfect every day tote!  They also

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the skinny on wedding programs

  Curious about wedding programs?  Thought so.  They’re one of our most asked about day of items. Programs are usually given out at your ceremony.  They let guests know what’s going on, who’s who, and any other important information you want to relay.  In terms of quantity, we recommend having half of your guest count

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the skinny on wedding monograms

  Curious about wedding monograms and how to use them?  We like to call them wedding logos!  Oh yes, we love branding weddings and it all starts with your wedding monogram.  It’s the easiest way to tie your paper goods together, and what better way to start than with a custom crest?  You can use

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