4 Ways To Embellish Your Wedding Envelopes

Curious how to make a statement with your wedding invitation envelopes? Inject color and artisry into your invitation envelopes. Dark envelopes, hand calligraphy and wax seals make a huge impact! Turn a cityscape or map of your wedding location into a custom envelope liner. Have you ever considered embellishing your envelope? Probably not — but we have four fantastic tips for you today to wow your guests with fancy envelopes.


Envelope Liners
Want more color? Add an envelope liner – we can line your envelopes with matte or metallic envelope liners, available in our entire 80# matte and metallic color collection.
Watercolor Floral Envelope Liner | Blush Paper Co.


Calligraphy is a gorgeous way to add color and a special touch to your envelopes and addressing, especially on dark envelopes. My favorite color combination is a gold metallic ink on a matte black envelope, but I’m a sucker for black on a blush metallic envelope too!
Hand Calligraphy

Vintage Stamps
Southern Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation | Blush Paper Co.

Add vintage postage to your reply cards or invitations to complete the look! We love the history vintage stamps have, and they’re a really darling way to add more personality to your envelopes.


Wax Seal
Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations | Blush Paper Co.
Wax seals can be made with your monogram, and are a beautiful way to seal your envelopes (or even use again on your belly band and place cards!). Since we make a seal, this is an embellishment that you can use again and again even after you’re married!


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